Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our family helped Globe Ice Lantern Artist Jennifer Shea Hedberg create a fantastic Enchanted Forest for the City of Lakes Luminary Loppet tonight.

We followed Jen's direction to light up her ice structures. Ice globes are heavy, and require precise placement, plus proper prior planning. We also hung around to hang ...candle lanterns in the trees. It was all hard work and fun from about 2-5pm.

We went back to Loppet home base to see the band at the Loppet tent and have dinner. Plus a few Surlys. We drove by the Enchanted Forest on the way home around 10:30.

It was magical. We had to stop and walk across Lake of the Isles to see it.

Jennifer had created an oasis of light that stood out from an already luminary "Luminary" event. Lake of the Isles is beautifully lit up with a trail of thousands of candles in your typical ice-in-a-5-gallon-bucket fire/ice lumiaries. Awesome in itself. The "Enchanted Forest" stood out like a brand new sun on a starlit night.

We had to stop and walk through what we had helped deliver. Jack got to tell people "I helped make this!" and point at the lanterns he hung in the trees. Hannah did the same and they both boasted about who had placed the higher candle.

Lucy laid down under the tree she helped light ... to look through the lanterns at the stars. She pointed out the ice chunks she had placed around the ice artwork. When we talked about leaving, Lucy ran wayyyy out onto the lake because she did not want to go. AND she wanted to see the other lights and sculptures around the lake.

It took a while, but we convinced Lucy that there were no better lights around the lake. She had helped build the best lights on the lake. "Look back at that Lucy". A truly Enchanted Forest.

This City of Lakes Loppet is an event that can make and define Minneapolis. Please help at
and also join their summer fundraiser

If you live in a frozen climate like me...Check out Global Ice Lantern Artist Jennifer Shea Hedberg at She will take simple ice and turn it into distinctive artwork to greet your guests at your next party.