Monday, November 30, 2009

Great Innovation Needs an "Engine"

Rowan Gibson writes a great piece about nurturing innovation. Innovation is not just about coming up with ideas. You need an infrastructure to assign resources and lead those ideas toward commercialization.

Gibson likens great ideas to spark plus. Worthless without a car around them. The car is also worthless without the spark plugs.

"...Imagine you typed a few words into Google, pressed the search button, and nothing happened. Have you ever thought about how Google manages to deliver all those results in the blink of an eye? The reason we call it a search 'engine' is that behind Google's simple and playful user interface is an incredibly complex system comprising half a million servers, racked up in clusters at data centers all over the world, all working together to scan billions of websites at breakneck speed. Without the back end of Google - without that engine - all we would have is a lovable logo on a clean white web page. Similarly, organizations are finding out that without the back end of innovation, all they get is a lot of ideas at the front end which end up going nowhere. ..."

Gibson points out that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, worked at Hewlett-Packard and pitched an idea for a personal computer. HP had no infrastructure to deal with such an idea, so Wozniak left HP and spent some time innovating in a Palo Alto garage with Steve Jobs.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mary Lucia!

"A Midwestern girl on a Public Radio station. Mary Lucia!" (Local Minneapolis hero of Rev 105!)

TeleHealth Connects Patients to Doctors Regardless of Distance

Cisco HealthPresence and United HealthCare Connected Care offer a glimpse into the future of Doctor visits and consultations with Specialists.

TeleHealth technology gives you to access to the best care - regardless of where you, your physician and your specialist reside.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kennedy Stopped Motorcade Photos - 1963

John F. Kennedy stopped his motorcade to correct a sign in Duluth, Minnesota September of 1963.

John F. Kennedy visited Duluth, Minnesota in September of 1963. Two months before he was assassinated in Dallas, TX. Kennedy was in Duluth to give this speech at the University of Minnesota - Duluth:

Funny - he talks about a tax cut which "...I think can stimulate the entire economy..."

JFK flew into the Duluth, Minnesota airport. He drove past my parents house at the time - across from Lowell elementary school on Central Entrance. At the school, some kids (I think it was Boy Scouts) had crafted a sign that said "Welcome President Kenedy" or some mis-spelling of his name.

Kennedy STOPPED the motorcade right outside my parents house. He walked over to point out the correct spelling of his name (and garner some great PR).

My father took these three snapshots from a basic Kodak Instamatic.

The Secret Service Agents were not pleased with JFK stopping the motorcade in mid-travel. As you can see in the third photo. The big guy with the crew cut and gray suit (with his back to the camera) looks as tense as, well, a Kennedy bodyguard.
As my Dad said "...that Secret Service A**hole was pushing kids around. I wanted to deck him!..."
Great snapshots from a simpler time.