Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies!

Girl Scout Cookies!

Order your Girl Scout Cookies here from my daughter Hannah.

$3.50 per box.

Cookies available:

-Lemon Chalet Cremes -- Zesty lemon cream filling with a hint of cinnamon-ginger sandwiched in valinna cookies
-Trefoils -- Classic Shortbread Cookies
-Do-Si-Dos -- Oatmeal cookies with peanut butter filling
-Samoas -- A classic - vanilla cookies, covered in caramel, rolled in coconut, striped with chocolate
-Dulce de Leche -- White cookies with caramel chips
-*NEW* Thank You Berry Much -- Cranberries and white fudge chip cookies. Thank You for supporting Girl Scouts!
-Tagalongs -- Cookies covered with peanut butter and coated with chocolate
-Thin Mints -- Thin pappermint wafer covered with chocolate. You know and love this cookie.

Either reply here or e-mail me at

Thank you for supporting Scouting!


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