Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Interesting Times for Marketers

According to Forrester Research, only 23% of Marketers believe their traditional agencies are capable of executing interactive marketing.

"...Clients generally distrust their traditional agencies when it comes to digital, but they're still wary of handing over the keys to overall brand strategy to the Web specialists, according to a new survey of marketers. ..." a Marketer, who can you trust to manage your brand?

Should you trust your brand to the 20-somethings who seem to "get" Facebook and Twitter?

Should you trust your breakthrough social media strategy to the overpriced agency?

Will your hot social media mavens think that social media is a hammer and every business marketing problem looks like a nail?

Will the low margins of social media push your traditional brand agency back to the comfortable (and profitable) business model of keeping a percentage of TV/Print/Radio ad revenues?

How do you even TRACK social media investments?

How can you evaluate Nielsen and Arbitron ratings if your target audience is spending all their entertainment time online?

Interesting times for Marketers.

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