Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Top Ten Alternative Careers

A friend of mine was joking about possibilities for her next career. So I came up with this...

Top Ten Alternative Careers:

10. Freelance Top Ten List Writer
9. Political Pundit Specializing in OFFICE Politics
8. Playboy Bunny Wrangler (an actual job)
7. Accordion Manufacturing Quality Control Test Technician
6. Field Market Research Analyst for Mad Dog 20/20 "Fortified" Wine
5. Ninja
4. Drummer in a Power Trio
3. Powerful Chewing Gum Business Executive
2. Mad Scientist (but a GOOD Mad Scientist, not an EVIL Mad Scientist)
1. Third Shift Holiday Evening Chauffeur for Rich, Celebrity Golfers


  1. LOL! This is hilarious. Playboy bunny wrangler - is that like herding cats? And ole Tiger could definitely use someone else to drive his tank - ay carumba! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

  2. John:

    You have me thinking.

    I'll add a few ideas rattling around although mine are not funny:

    -guest lecturer on a cruise ship
    -car restoration business
    -blogger: Unanswered life questions
    -advisor to estate executors
    -foster parent

  3. Mike -- I love the ideas. Especially "guest lecturer on a cruise ship".

    You and Tracy Downing should talk. Tracy has done extensive cruise ship ethnography market research. Actually "Cruise Ship Ethnographic Researcher" should have made the list.

    Obviously, she is a VERY smart market researcher. She chooses her projects well :)

  4. Tracy -- Yes, I met a Playboy Bunny Wrangler once. A friend of my wife's was the organizer for a pro beach volleyball tour one summer. Playboy was one of the sponsors. The bunnies' job was to hang out around the beach during the day and then hit the bar with the liquor sponsor at night. (Yet another alternative job).

    I believe it was worse than herding cats. More like herding cats with a modeling contract who knew they were famous.